“I was born ready, mother! Isn’t that what you always say?”

A naturally curious and very persistent little girl named Determination is growing into her sense of independence. For one as young as her, everyday tasks can seem like huge challenges as they are attempted for the very first time.

But Determination quickly learns to muster up the courage and strength needed to prevail in everything she does from tackling daily activities to rescuing others.

Join Determination as she overcomes obstacles, tackles problems, and learns important lessons. This feel-good children’s story showcases the value of facing fears, having confidence, and using a positive attitude to build self-esteem and help others.


Trip to Africa

The book follows a ten year-old American girl named Jane who lives with her mother, a pediatrician, in Atlanta, GA. When Jane’s mother is chosen to go to Uganda for the summer to help cure sick children, she decides to take Jane with her.

Jane’s world is turned upside down as she travels to Uganda with her mother, living with a local family in a house without electricity or running water. With the help of her host’s young daughter, Nakato, Jane learns about Ugandan culture and important lessons about friendship and her own values.


The King’s Gift

Piri, Rabi, and Tia are three close-knit bunny sisters living with their mother in Bunnyland. It’s time for them to leave their home and face their lives with courage and determination. They see beautiful landscapes, marvelous creatures, and even get to play in the rain—something that was forbidden back home.

Years later, the three meet at a market and discuss the very different paths their unique personalities have led them down. It is there revealed that the king of Rabbitland is seeking a truly colorful birthday celebration, and the clever rabbit to deliver his three wishes will be his bride. Each sister uses her special traits to create her best offering for the king, hoping to become royalty.

Will ambitious Piri, intelligent Rabi, or hard-working Tia become the queen? It’s up to the king to decide in this heartwarming children’s tale that celebrates family, courage, individualism, ambition, and love.



Thunder has a miraculous voice, silky feathers, a beautiful rainbow hue, and a kind heart. She is loved and adored. She is admired and esteemed. There is just one dark cloud in her perfect world….

Thunder can’t fly.

The most basic of things to a bird like Thunder, it is the talent she longs for most. Despite her despair, her world grows brighter as Lighting, a magnificent bird from Africa, makes her acquaintance. Lightning is certainly not your average bird, and the two have a very special connection. Is it possible this new friend was sent to help Thunder turn her dreams into soaring realities?

Find out if Thunder will feel the wind beneath her wings in this children’s tale full of hope, courage, friendship, kindness, and even a touch of magic!




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